“Someone has to be the first person to live with ALS rather than die from it, and one thing I've always known about Chris is that he finds a way. No matter the obstacle, no matter how unprecedented the situation may be - he always, always finds a way,” Kelsie Snow. 

 Chris Snow, Assistant General Manager of the Calgary Flames, was recently diagnosed with ALS. The most tangible way you can help us is by donating to research. ALS is a rare disease, and rare diseases aren't easily cured. Fewer than 20,000 people in North America are estimated to be living with ALS. Of them only 2,000 are living with familial ALS, the kind caused by a gene passed down within a family. And yet this has torn through Chris' family. We have lost Chris' dad, both of Chris' paternal uncles and his 28-year-old cousin to this disease.  

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